David Kirkpatrick

May 30, 2008

Poblano unmasked

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The FiveThirtyEight blogger who’s applied a successful statistics-based approach to predicting the races so far has revealed himself to be an actual statistician — for Baseball Prospectus. Poblano=Nate Silver.

I’ll have to say I enjoy football stats, and the guys over at Football Outsiders who do the Football Prospectus, more than baseball stats, but I’m not surprised at all a baseball statistician can take the enormous amount of polling data out there and make more (and more correct) sense out of it all than the pollsters themselves and certainly more sense than math and stats challenged journalists and pundits.

January 14, 2008

Football Outsiders dot com

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Yeah I’m still sick about the Cowboys losing yesterday, but it’s always fun to read Football Outsiders’ Audibles at the line column.

If you’re a fan of pro football and haven’t heard of Football Outsiders go and check it out. It’s a great source of insight and information.