David Kirkpatrick

April 17, 2010

Saturday video fun — Radiskull & Devil Doll

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I can’t remember when this Joe Sparks creation was a big thing on the web, but I do know it was an entire epoch or two back from the net of today. I can also tell how far back it was by the state of my Radiskull and Devil Doll, “Now it’s time to kick it,” t-shirt.

Here’s episode one, “I am the Radiskull”

April 1, 2008

Amazing CGI flash animation

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This is one impressive bit of flash animation. The link goes to a CGI image (maybe layered photos rather than CGI according to the discussion at Boing Boing) that tracks the cursor with its — er, her — eyes. As the Boing Boing post below described the animation, it’s “creepily lifelike.”

Hat tip to this Boing Boing post:

I’ve got no idea what the story is with this awesome CGI Flash woman, except that she appears to have been created by a Brazilian design firm, and that she has made every person I’ve shown her to say, “Oh. My. God.” Link (via Kottke)