David Kirkpatrick

September 22, 2008

VanDuzen Archives in the blogs

I always love seeing my clients in the media, be it mainstream, trade or even blogs. This past weekend VanDuzen Archives, the fine art division of VanDuzen Inc., a 3D visualization and modeling company was mentioned in a post at Appraiser Workshops blog.

The post was based on an article in Design News from last month. I blogged about that story here.

From the first link:

In my article “Art Bronze” that was published in the “Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies” I stated that the only sure method for determining the authenticity of a bronze cast is complete documentation of its ownership, which includes the custody of the materials since their creation, including any changes or restorations that successive custodians have made to them. While that is still true, we now have 3-D imaging hardware and software which has become an important tool in fighting the war against art fraud.

One company, “The VanDuzen Archives of Dallas, has built a growing business around the use of imaging hardware and digital shape sampling software as tools to authenticate and conserve works of art.

June 29, 2008

POPaganda on public television

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I’m not going to tell you how to vote, but I would heavily suggest hitting this link and voting for POPaganda.

I’m sure the other two films are wonderful, but my loyalties lie with Ron and his amazing artwork.

From the link:

  POPaganda: The Art & Subversion
Director: Pedro Carvajal
A profile of the artist and activist Ron English who dares to hijack corporate advertising by using familiar words and images to create confrontational art with a message.