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June 16, 2008

Gore endorses Obama

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No surprise there, but he’s been silent on the subject up to now. The two will appear together at a Detroit event tonight.

Here’s a link to the endorsement post on Al’s blog.

From the NYT (first) link:

Former Vice President Al Gore will appear in Detroit tonight for his debut campaign appearance with Senator Barack Obama, extending an endorsement and urging all Democrats to rally behind the party’s fall ticket.

“A few hours from now I will step on stage in Detroit, Michigan to announce my support for Senator Barack Obama,” Mr. Gore said in an e-mail sent to his supporters. “From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President of the United States.”

Throughout the long Democratic primary, Mr. Gore talked frequently to Mr. Obama. But tonight’s rally at the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit marks the first time they will appear together on the same stage. The endorsement was announced – on Mr. Gore’s terms – to supporters on his vast e-mail list.

May 14, 2008

John Edwards endorses Obama

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Some might say it’s a little late in the game, but John Edwards officially endorsed Obama today.

From the link:

He didn’t give the Clinton campaign a heads up — correction, yes he did), and most of his senior campaign staff were caught unawares.

March 28, 2008

Bob Casey endorses Obama

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Bob Casey, a senator from Pennsylvania, has endorsed Obama. Clinton is expected to win Pennsylvania by a very wide (read — around 20%) margin, and her beyond slim hopes rest on that outcome.

If Obama keeps that victory within single digits she’s done. If he were to win Penn, she would pretty much have to drop out of the race. At this point I’m not sure she’d do it, but either scenario is ballgame for Obama. Clinton’s Bosnia “misstatement” has caused her much more damage than it seemed at first blush.

In related news, the kitchen sink/toilet bowl strategy is not working in the least. According to Gallup’s national poll, on March 23 they were basically in a statistical dead heat at around 47%. Obama’s been steadily trending upwards since then and leads 50-42 in the latest poll. (Hit this link for a Daily Dish post and the rolling poll.)

From the first link:

In a surprise move, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania has endorsed Senator Barack Obama in advance of the April 22 Democratic primary. Mr. Casey had said he would remain neutral in the race in part because he wanted to help broker a reconciliation between Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton afterward.

“I believe in my heart that there is one person who’s uniquely qualified to lead us in that new direction and that is Barack Obama.” Mr. Casey said during a rally in Pittsburgh Friday.

“I really believe that in a time of danger around the world and in division here at home, Barack Obama can lead us, he can heal us, he can help rebuild America,” he said.

Mr. Casey is going against the grain in his state, where polls show Mrs. Clinton ahead by at least 12 percentage points and where she has the endorsement of most of the state’s major Democratic figures.

February 27, 2008

Clinton’s latest “endorsement”

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The Clinton campaign has released an internet video insinuating the late Texas governor, Ann Richards, would be a strong Hillary supporter. Her two sons object to the video.

From the link:

But sons Dan and Clark Richards, partners at an Austin law firm, say nobody can know who the outspoken and opinionated former governor would have supported in the race between Clinton and Barack Obama.

“As her children, we never presumed to know her mind when alive and we are not prepared to make a claim as to who she would endorse or what she would do if she were still with us,” they wrote in an e-mail last week. “We are not granting permission for her name to be used in advertisements on behalf of either candidate.”

The e-mail, provided to The Associated Press by Dan Richards, was sent to Cathy Bonner, a friend of their mother’s and member of Richards’ administration. Bonner is working with Clinton’s campaign and sent Dan and Clark Richards an early copy of the video on Feb. 19 “to make sure you are okay with it.”

Dan Richards said in an interview Tuesday that they denied permission and he’s angry the campaign published the video anyway. He said the campaign contacted him again last Friday to ask him to reconsider, and he repeated his objections.

Another smart move from Team Clinton. As the sandcastle crumbles, her entire presidential effort is looking like a case study on how not to run a campaign.

(Hat tip: the Daily Dish)

Libertarian publisher endorses Obama

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From Reason’s Hit & Run:

Freedom Newspapers CEO Scott Flanders—he who heads up a chain of libertarian broadsheets, including the Orange County Register—is voting for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Flanders said he voted for Libertarian nominee Ed Clark in 1980 and for Bill Clinton in 1992, but has otherwise voted Republican… There was some back-and-forth over the practical vs. the philosophical approach to politics, and Flanders said that in this election, for him, “the No. 1 issue is who will get us out of Iraq.”

OK, I’m thinking, if you really mean that, there’s only one major candidate you can support. But there’s no way you are going to stand there and say you support him.

Editorial writer Steve Greenhut told Flanders he thought he was really making an argument for not voting. Not true, Flanders said, and then he did it. He said the words, “Barack Obama.” As in, that’s who any true freedom-lover should vote for.

February 13, 2008

Edwards to endorse Clinton?

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Is John Edwards considering endorsing Clinton?

I don’t see him submarining his clout at this point by picking the wrong candidate. My guess is this is merely an attention gathering move. In the linked piece he works pretty hard at praising both candidates.

February 11, 2008

Texas primary on March 4

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The Texas primary is coming up in several weeks on Tuesday, March 4. It’s an open vote and I intend to pull the lever for Obama. My blog has probably been showing a bias that direction for a while.

There’s no reason to vote on the GOP ticket since McCain will be the nominee. Plus, even though I have some substantial policy differences with Obama, I would like to see him as president. I think there is something truly transformative with his message. Transformative far, far beyond his race.

I don’t have a problem with McCain as president, either.

And, I have no problem with women in executive positions. I voted for Ann Richards, a Democrat, for governor of Texas more than once. I vote for Kay Baily Hutchinson, a Republican, for reelection to the Senate every chance I get.

I had no beef with the Clinton years in Washington. I liked the balancing of the budget, and the GOP hate thrown Bill’s way was stupid and counterproductive. I do have great qualms with a Hillary presidency. The arrogance of her early campaign, and a serious lack of overall competence managing these primary battles, make me think she’s not capable of running this country.

We may soon have the first black president. We will have both a black and female president in the future — possibly in the same person. Condi Rice, anyone? Anyone who votes for a candidate based solely on their race, gender or party affiliation, rather than what that candidate brings to the table, is doing their vote a disservice.

(Just for the record, I wouldn’t vote current Texas governor, Rick Perry, for dogcatcher. I thank our state’s political power structure that all the real clout resides in the lieutenant governor’s office.)

February 1, 2008

Bill Richardson to endorse Obama?

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In an update to an earlier post, the current rumor is Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico will endorse Obama for the Democratic nomination.

(Update 2/2/08 early afternoon: word is, if Richardson makes an endorsement, it’ll come after Tsunami Tuesday. For what it’s worth he’s planning on watching the Super Bowl with Bill Clinton. Might mean something, might just be two old friends watching football together as Richardson described the plan.)

(Update 2/2/08 evening : According to this AP story Bill Clinton has gone full-court press for the Richardson endorsement. My take is Richardson will continue to play his cards close to the vest to not alienate either candidate. Knowing the Clinton’s campaign style, the ex-president might give the governor an, “endorse us or you’ll be alienated when we win.” ultimatum)

(Update 2/27/08: It looks like at least Marc Ambinder at theAtlantic.com thinks Obama will soon get Richardson’s nod:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is being coy with his inner circle and hasn’t told them who he’ll endorse for president. But he’s sure said a lot of nice things about Barack Obama.

And Richardson was irate, according to several sources (including the New York Times) when a “senior Clinton official” — I’m told this was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright — called him to pressure him into endorsing Hillary Clinton.)

(Update 3/2/08: This is from a NYT article on the upcoming voting on why Clinton should concede without “clear victories” on Tuesday:

“I just think that D-Day is Tuesday,” said Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a former Democratic presidential candidate who has yet to throw his support behind either candidate.)

(Update 3/22/08: It’s a done deal.

PORTLAND, Ore., March 21 — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson offered a strong endorsement of Barack Obama for president Friday, appealing for peace in the Democratic Party and hailing the Illinois senator as a unifying force for the country.

“Your candidacy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our country, and you are a once-in-a-lifetime leader,” said Richardson, the nation’s only Hispanic governor, before a cheering crowd of about 12,000 in Portland‘s Memorial Coliseum. “You will make every American proud to be an American.”)

January 29, 2008

Bill Richardson pondering Dem endorsement

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The New Mexico governor, and one time Democratic presidential candidate, is deciding whether to go public with an endorsement, or not. He says if he does endorse either Clinton or Obama it’ll come by the end of this week.

His stamp of approval is highly sought by both candidates.

From the article:

As the highest-ranking Hispanic in the Democratic Party, Richardson’s endorsement is being aggressively sought by the Clinton and Obama campaigns. California, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico are among the 22 states voting next week, and each have sizable Hispanic electorates. Richardson, who cruised to re-election as New Mexico governor in 2006, is a popular figure in the Hispanic community.

(Find an update here.)