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April 5, 2009

Dreher v. gay marriage

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Rod Dreher crawled out on his worm-eaten plank of theocratic social conservatism to opine on the topic of gay marriage and had his panicked fear of those homosexuals wanting to share in recognition of their committed love shown to be … well, shown to be just what it is. Homophobia coupled with hysterics.

After some bloggy exchanges here’s Rod (the apparent rod-fearer) with his weak sauce response:

Andrew Sullivan is still banging on about my “panic” over homosexuality, and his colleague Ta-Nehisi Coates likens me to a segregationist. Never mind that being accused of “panic” by Andrew is like being called a sot by Amy Winehouse, what I find so instructive about this exchange is how many on the left reflexively treat conservative objections to, and critical questions about, same-sex marriage: they describe conservatives as emotionally unhinged and bigoted.

And his theocratic beliefs force him to see this issue in terms of conservative or liberal. Nope. That’s only for those who choose to base legislation on the dogma of their particular religion. Sounds a lot like those medievals over in the Mideast, huh?

And placing Sullivan on the left? Er, yeah.

December 11, 2008

Dreher, church and state

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(My bad — this post is by Erin Manning. Apologies to Rod, but sorry the header is stuck as is. New additions to the text are in italics.)

“Crunchy con” Rod Dreher  Erin Manning gets this absolutely wrong:

There aren’t any serious voices on the right (or anywhere else in America) clamoring for religion to be tied to government.

Yep, I took one sentence out of context, but hit the link for the long, long bit that attempts (and fails to) explain away that one sentence. This attitude from Erin is typical of Rod’s weak approach to what can be best described as liberal conservatism — he wants very liberal fiscal policies tied to very conservative (dare I say theocratic) cultural policies, and pretend like it’s just in the best intentions for all.

“See, gee whiz I just want the best for everyone!” And then candy falls from the sky. If that candy kills you then you’re in luck. God will pluck your dead corpse up to heaven for life eternal.

I’m not going to take the time for a search, but it’s not too hard to find many, many recent quotes from uber-religious politicians (who would probably be happy to be called theocrats) on exactly why they want the church to be a major part of the state. And that doesn’t take into account religious leaders opining on politics or religiously-bent right wing pundits. Dreher did say there weren’t “any serious voices on the right” clamoring for theocracy.

Well Rod Erin, you are very wrong. There are voices, serious or not, who want religion to be tied to government right here in the United States. Sounds a lot like some of those Mideast lands doesn’t it, Rod Erin?

February 25, 2008

Rod Dreher’s female trouble

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Last week, Rod Dreher — blogger at beliefnet.com and employee of the Dallas Morning News — had a surprising post.

I’ll let Rod’s title and lede speak for him:

Thursday February 21, 2008

Category: Culture

The bride’s a slut. They call it progress.

The NYT reports today on a new trend in weddings:

The gown was almost wanton — fluid but curvy with a neckline that plummeted dangerously. “It makes me feel sexy and beautiful,” said Natasha DaSilva, who slipped it on for a fitting last week.

Later in the post he exposes his own classiness with this gem:

Natasha DaSilva, that tattoo just above your butt telegraphs to the world that you’re one classy dame. I’m sure your daughters will be so proud of you one day. “Wow, Mom, you really hooched up your wedding, didn’t you?” Dreary old me, I miss bridal hypocrisy.

Not a very christian pronouncement from the ground floor of “crunchy conservatism.” Something I’ve never really figured out. It seems to consist of hippies without the odor or fun, with regular christian church attendance thrown in for good measure.

If you follow the link in my intro, you can see where Rod “closed the comments” on the post due to “porn spammers.”

So if I get all this straight, Rod started a conversation in a misogynist gutter and then threw a hissy when the conversation remained there.

Stay classy, Rod.