David Kirkpatrick

July 30, 2008

little green footballs vs the Discovery Institute

And the winner is? Charles Johnson and lgf by KO.

If you want to decide for yourself, here’s the latest salvo between the right wing anti-Islamist blog and the Christianist-shill, pro-creationism “research organization.”

Here’s Johnson’s intro from the first link:

Bruce Chapman of the Discovery Institute says I made false claims about them, but he doesn’t actually dispute a single fact in my LGF article. I was going to ignore this post at their anti-evolution blog, but on second reading it struck me as a pretty good example of the kinds of misdirection the Discovery Institute commonly employs, so we’ll go through it to see how many obfuscations we can spot.

Johnson added this Corner post from John Derbyshire as an update, and I think it serves to sum this whole thing up very tidily. I’m pretty biased in this debate — if you couldn’t tell from my description of the Discovery Institute — and Johnson goes way overboard on a regular basis at lgf, but he’s dead on about the Discovery Institute. If nothing else lgf is dogged, right or wrong. Johnson’s been right quite a bit as well. I bet his targets wish that wasn’t the case

From Derbyshire’s post at the Corner:

What a Tangled Web We Weave   [John Derbyshire]

I have banged on here at NRO about the corroding dishonesty of the Intelligent Design project, arguing that it arises from the very nature of the thing: pretending, in hopes of winning the occasional church/state lawsuit, to be one thing (a pure-science research institute), while in fact being a different thing (a Christian-proselytizing lecture agency, pressure group, and publisher). There is nothing wrong with being either of those things: the corruption stems from being the one while pretending to be the other. Not only is this dishonest in itself, it does no good to either cause.

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs has been doing a few rounds with the Discovery Institute, in which the DI sleaze tactics come through loud and clear. It makes for entertaining reading. Plenty of links to follow.

(Hat tip: Panda’s Thumb)

July 6, 2008

Comfort concedes banana argument

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If you’re not familiar with the “banana argument,” search around because there’s plenty to read. The conceit is the banana is an atheists worst nightmare for a number of reasons. The entire argument is based on a false premise because what you and I call a banana is nothing like the “banana” our forebears got hold of and selectively bred to create the yellow, easy-to-eat fruit we have today.

So basically creationists who use the banana as something “god” cleary created purely for humanity is a load of BS. Most recently there’s been a video floating around with Ray Comfort and washed-up television actor, Kirk Cameron, flouting this tired canard.

Looks like master-debater Comfort recently conceded the banana argument without much effort from his interrogators.

February 9, 2008

Creationism invades Europe

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Good to know the US isn’t alone in creationist lunacy.

From the AP article:

After the Sunday service in Westminster Chapel, where worshippers were exhorted to wage “the culture war” in the World War II spirit of Sir Winston Churchill, cabbie James McLean delivered his verdict on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

“Evolution is a lie, and it’s being taught in schools as fact, and it’s leading our kids in the wrong direction,” said McLean, chatting outside the chapel. “But now people like Ken Ham are tearing evolution to pieces.”

Nothing wrong with believing in creationism, but ignoring the reality of evolution — and it is reality, a reality being “more proven” with each new discovery in related scientific research and not being experimentally set back by any counterarguments — is doing a grave disservice to students of any age. Even those beyond their school years.