David Kirkpatrick

January 8, 2010

DVD recommendation: “Watchmen”

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I’m not going to review the film, or go into the extensive backstory of the comic (and later, graphic novel) and the cultural significance of this work of art. The link goes to the thorough Wikipedia page on the work. I will say I was absolutely blown away by this film. I had no expectations going into watching “Watchmen” (heh, heh), but simply put, it’s one of the best films I’ve sat through on DVD in a long time.

If you like comic book movies with a lot of meat in the story and depth to the characters it’s a must-see, and if you didn’t catch it in the theater, but thought the trailers and ads looked at least mildly interesting, absolutely see this movie.

Here’s an Amazon link to the version I caught, Watchmen: The Director’s Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition).