David Kirkpatrick

October 22, 2009

A bit about business cards

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Business cards are a staple of business communication and introduction.

The ubiquitous business tool’s roots can be traced back to 15th century China as a “visiting card” for social introduction. Fast forward to London at the beginning of the 1600s and you find the basic calling card has evolved into “tradecards” — the predecessor of the modern business card — providing business-to-consumer advertising and maps to shops. Today we have e-cards, electronic profiles and a entire host of digital solutions for exchanging and keeping basic business information, but the venerable classic business card still has a prominent seat at the conference table. Being caught without a business card at the wrong moment can cost you a deal, an opportunity, a connection or even your next job.

Business in Japan takes the business card culture to an entirely different level. In Japan business cards are called a meishi, and a great deal of protocol and ceremony is involved in exchanging business cards when meeting new business contacts. The meishi is presented and received with great formality and respect.

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From the Businesscards.com link:

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