David Kirkpatrick

November 28, 2008

Sad parsing on the Corner …

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… where there’s fewer hands to pass the ripple these days and apparently DTs are kicking in already.

The title of the linked post is “Re: Will There Be an Obama Derangement Syndrome?,” and I’d have to say yes, but not quite in the intended usage. This bit by Byron York is one huge stretch to hope the lefties get a little heartburn. And really reading a lot into a mundane piece of writing from Rove.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and right now I’m guessing the left is still smoking too many hand-rolled Cubans in celebration to give a flyin’ eff what Rove thinks about Obama’s economic team.

From the link:

Putting Geithner and Paulson together, and then Summers and Phil Gramm together, along with efforts to reform Fannie — nicely done.  And it has the added advantage of being true.  And then there’s the issue of Rove knowing that it will drive some on the left crazy if Karl Rove says something positive about the Obama team.  All in all, a perfectly reasonable piece that was entertaining in its subplots, as well.

July 15, 2008

Is Obama damaging …

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… his “brand?”

Byron York at the National Review Online crosses the border to talk to a Democratic source and thinks Obama is diluting what got him this far.

From the link:

I just got off the phone with a well-connected Democrat, trying to get a better read on this Democrats-miffed-with-Obama stuff.  It’s real, he said, and more serious than the mostly process concerns outlined in the Politico story.  Yes, party leaders are irritated at the Obama campaign’s go-it-alone style.  “Another Democrat said that they want to do this without help from anyone inside the Beltway,” my source says, “because they want to arrive in town and not owe anyone anything.  Which is a big gamble, because if it doesn’t work, everyone is going to blame the hell out of them.”