David Kirkpatrick

September 18, 2008

Twenty five business software tools from CIO.com

Interesting bit on 25 useful softare tools for business from CIO.com. Good list to check out, plus they give WordPress a dap so I’m spreading a little of the best blogging software out there love.

From the link:

Blogging Tool WordPress

If your business still doesn’t have a blog–one of the best ways around to provide up-to-date company and product news–you’re only about three years behind the curve. Hey, it’s not too late to catch up: WordPress installs in minutes (it even offers a free, hosted option on WordPress.com), and the platform is dazzlingly easy to use (the site’s home page carries an ad for WordPress for Dummies, but we doubt you’ll need to crack that volume). WordPress so simple, your team will be begging to contribute to the blog instead of whining that it’s too laborious. (free)

I’m in total agreement about businesses needing a blog in today’s marketplace. One of my professional services is ghost blogging. You can find contact information in my “about” page on this blog.