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July 12, 2009

Arturo Gatti, RIP

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I haven’t done posts on the overload of celebrity deaths recently, but Arturo Gatti deserves mentioning because; one — he’s not that well known, and two — he was a decent boxer and a truly good guy. It’s sad to hear his wife was likely involved in Gatti’s untimely death.

From the link:

Police said 23-year-old Amanda Rodrigues was taken into custody after contradictions in her interrogation. Gatti’s body was found early Saturday in a hotel room at the Porto de Galinhas resort in northeastern Brazil.

The former junior welterweight champion was apparently strangled with the strap of a purse, which was found at the scene with blood stains, said Milena Saraiva, a spokeswoman for the Pernambuco state civil police. She told The Associated Press that the Canadian also had a head injury.

The investigation was not complete, but Saraiva said authorities were preparing to present a formal accusation against Rodrigues, who denied being involved in her husband’s death.

Police said Rodrigues, a Brazilian, could not explain how she spent nearly 10 hours in the room without noticing that Gatti was already dead.

March 27, 2009

Margarito’s gloves contained plaster

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It’s been confirmed, Antonio Margarito’s gloves had elements of plaster of paris in them before his fight with “Sugar” Shane Mosley in January. Mosley’s trainer complained before the fight started and the illegal gloves were confiscated. Mosley went on to take the WBA welterweight title from Margarito by ninth round TKO.

Rightly, or not, this taints Margarito’s entire boxing career, and with this evidence both he and his trainer should be banned from the sport for life. The trainer put the contraband into the gloves and there’s no way Margarito wasn’t aware of what was happening.

March 19, 2009

Mayweather to fight again

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Maybe as soon as July. I didn’t think Floyd Mayweather Jr., could stay out of the ring.