David Kirkpatrick

October 5, 2009

Conservapedia wants to rewrite the Bible

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I say let ’em have at it.

And in contradiction to beliefnet commenter Joshua Zelinsky, I say it’s not surprising at all:

The combination of ignorance and arrogance is shocking.

(Hat tip: the Daily Dish)

February 25, 2008

Rod Dreher’s female trouble

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Last week, Rod Dreher — blogger at beliefnet.com and employee of the Dallas Morning News — had a surprising post.

I’ll let Rod’s title and lede speak for him:

Thursday February 21, 2008

Category: Culture

The bride’s a slut. They call it progress.

The NYT reports today on a new trend in weddings:

The gown was almost wanton — fluid but curvy with a neckline that plummeted dangerously. “It makes me feel sexy and beautiful,” said Natasha DaSilva, who slipped it on for a fitting last week.

Later in the post he exposes his own classiness with this gem:

Natasha DaSilva, that tattoo just above your butt telegraphs to the world that you’re one classy dame. I’m sure your daughters will be so proud of you one day. “Wow, Mom, you really hooched up your wedding, didn’t you?” Dreary old me, I miss bridal hypocrisy.

Not a very christian pronouncement from the ground floor of “crunchy conservatism.” Something I’ve never really figured out. It seems to consist of hippies without the odor or fun, with regular christian church attendance thrown in for good measure.

If you follow the link in my intro, you can see where Rod “closed the comments” on the post due to “porn spammers.”

So if I get all this straight, Rod started a conversation in a misogynist gutter and then threw a hissy when the conversation remained there.

Stay classy, Rod.