David Kirkpatrick

January 14, 2010

Transportation Security Administration — protecting with perverts

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Or so it seems from a recent TSA job posting with this tagline —

‘A Career Where X-Ray Vision And Federal Benefits Come Standard’

From the link:

That’s the slogan the Transportation Security Administration is apparently using to entice people to apply for jobs as airport screeners. Now that they’re preparing to expand the use of whole body imaging scanners, which can produce moderately detailed nude images of travelers, maybe they should consider a tagline that doesn’t sound like it’s designed to recruit voyeurs.

Hit the link for a screenshot of the actual ad. And just to be clear, I’m using the word “protecting” very, very loosely in the header.


September 3, 2009

Business travelers want inflight wi-fi

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This is one straight from the news department of, “No duh!”

From the link:

Three-quarters of frequent business travelers said in a survey they would choose an airline based on whether a flight offers Wi-Fi, with half saying they would even move a reservation by a day to get access to in-flight Wi-Fi.

he survey, conducted by Wakefield Research for the Wi-Fi Alliance, bolsters the move by at least eight U.S. airlines to equip their fleets with Wi-Fi. Already, more than 500 planes offer Wi-Fi and several major airlines are hurrying to get their entire fleets equipped, partly so that passengers will pick their airline over a competitor’s.

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The survey involved 480 frequent business travelers, of whom 150 had used in-flight Wi-Fi in early August.

Nearly all the respondents, 95%, said in-flight Wi-Fi access would make them more productive, and half reported that they had often taken a red-eye flight so they could remain reachable during business hours.