David Kirkpatrick

August 21, 2010

Cool tech news — solar powered toothbrush

And it uses an electron/mouth acid reaction to kill disease-causing bacteria and breakdown plaque instead of toothpaste. Very cool indeed, but I’m curious how the dental hygiene industry will react to the device?

From the link:

Dr. Kunio Komiyama, a dentistry professor emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, designed the first model of the unconventional toothbrush 15 years ago. Today, Komiyama and his colleague Dr. Gerry Uswak are seeking recruits to test their newest model, the Soladey-J3X. The toothbrush, which is manufactured by the Shiken company of Japan, will soon be tested by 120 teenagers to see how it compares to a normal toothbrush.

The Soladey-J3X has a solar panel at its base that transmits electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a lead wire. The  react with acid in the mouth, creating a chemical reaction that breaks down  and kills . The toothbrush requires no toothpaste, and can operate with about the same amount of light as needed by a solar-powered calculator.

(And to answer a concern from the comment section on the toothbrush, the word “lead” in the second graf more than likely refers to a “leed” wire running between the solar panel and the top of the toothbrush, and not the heavy metal that’s been so excoriated.)


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