David Kirkpatrick

August 13, 2010

Smart windows on the cheap

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If lower cost smart windows go into wide production — and more importantly, use — homeowners and businesses stand to save a lot of money on energy costs, and by extension use a lot less energy. Effective smart windows do make that much of a difference. Soladigm’s CEO, Rao Mulpuri, says the average savings in commercial buildings is 25 percent of HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning)  usage. This is one energy conservation development to keep an eye on.

From the link:

Windows that absorb or reflect light and heat at the flick of a switch could help cut heating and cooling bills. A company called Soladigm has developed methods for making these “electrochromic” windows cheaply, making them more viable for homes and office buildings.

Existing electrochromic window designs cost around $100 per square foot. Soladigm has not disclosed how much its windows will cost, but some experts say the method could reduce the cost to around $20 per square foot.

The Milpitas, CA-based company uses a thin-film deposition process that creates conducting layers between two panes of glass for controlling the amount of sunlight and heat that can pass through. A homeowner or office dweller could control how much light or heat a window lets in or absorbs and reflects.


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