David Kirkpatrick

June 16, 2010

Hard disk storage and nanotechnology

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Hard disks made of a nanosphere magnetic recording medium may offer simply stunning amounts of storage space.

From the link:

A new magnetic recording medium made up of tiny nanospheres has been devised by European researchers. The technology may lead to hard disks able to store more than a thousand billion bits of information in a square inch.

With consumer PCs now being sold with hard disks of a  or more – enough to record more than two years of music –  seems to be expanding without limit. But the limits are there and industry insiders know that they are approaching fast.


A spacing of 25 nanometres between spheres is equivalent to a storage density of one terabit (1000 gigabits) per square inch. Using the same approach with smaller spheres researchers should be able to attain densities up to six times higher.


  1. The better technology gets at storing things the more robust programs become. So, I don’t really think that there will ever be a point where we have enough storage space.

    Interesting article!

    Comment by miryr — June 16, 2010 @ 10:11 pm

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