David Kirkpatrick

May 31, 2010


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That’s the only word that applies to the Israeli commando attack in international waters on an aid flotilla heading toward Gaza. I rarely venture into the Israel political and military sphere, mostly because those waters are particularly murky and many others much more capable than me do a great job reporting on and analyzing that area of the world.

I believe in the two-state solution, but I do have two issues with Israeli/US relations. The first is the sheer amount of aid we provide that nation every year with nothing in return but scorn (at least in recent years), and the second is the number — small, but still troubling — of elected US politicians who advocate Israeli policy over US policy when the two conflict. I’m not going to name anyone, but it’s pretty easy to find out with a little searching of the internets.

And back to today’s incident, the nation of Israel needs to take a long look into a mirror and rethink its place in the global community. Facing hostile threats is one thing, conducting commando raids at dawn in international waters is something else altogether.

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