David Kirkpatrick

March 25, 2010

Congress working on small business and construction aid

With health care over and done Congress is already looking to boost an ailing Main Street.

From the link:

The House approved 246-178 a bill designed to boost investment in small businesses, which have been reluctant to take on new workers as the economy recovers from the worst recession in 70 years.

The bill would also expand subsidies for state and local construction bonds in an effort to bring down the 9.7 percent unemployment rate ahead of the November congressional elections.

Democrats noted that the popular Build America bond-subsidy program has funded $78 billion in state and local construction projects.

“It’s been an effective tool in job creation,” said the bill’s author, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sander Levin.


  1. This should have been done months ago. Perhaps if the priorities of this administration were on job creation and economic growth, instead of expanding social welfare programs, we might have a lower unemployment rate.

    Or better yet, they could shrink the government to grow the private sector.

    Comment by Josh Saint Jacque — March 25, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

  2. Earth to David:

    “..Congress is ALREADY looking to boost an ailing Main Street…”

    “ALREADY”? Where have they been since the Recession/Depression began, these two years ago?

    “…as the economy RECOVERS from the worst recession in 70 years…”

    “RECOVERS”? We see precious little “recovery” here in Pennsylvania, believe me!

    David – What are you smoking?

    Comment by The Wiseman — March 25, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    • The main problem with the recovery (as it goes) is megacorps are doing fine, but small- to mid-sized business and individuals still see little to nothing to show for the turnaround as I blogged today in another post. Also, even though the nation’s economy is technically out of the recession, well over half of the states are technically still in a recession. That is a problem — in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

      The health care reform angle is, given the politics on the ground — the GOP became determined to make the issue Obama’s “Waterloo” and saddle him with a humiliating defeat a la Clinton’s first term — the Democrats were left with no choice than to get the bill passed. Very inexpertly and near incompetently until the very end, but the Dems decided it had to be done politically to salvage this year.

      So all the air was taken out of DC on any topic aside from HCR while Main Street suffered, and suffers still. I hope to see a lot of fast legislation helping Main Street in concrete ways, and I hope for everyone’s sake we can see some true bipartisan action with these bills because I shudder to think the damage the newly emboldened Democratic Party could do without some honest input from across the aisle. And obstructing bills that provide immediate surcease to Main Street will do the GOP great political harm when the 2010 vote really heats up.

      And smoking? Nothing right now, but later I expect to have a bowl of four-year-old McClelland #2010 broken flake Virginia in a Savenelli poker. Maybe a second bowl of Mac Baren’s HH Vintage Syrian as a follow-up.

      Comment by davidkirkpatrick — March 25, 2010 @ 7:57 pm

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