David Kirkpatrick

March 17, 2010

The US military v. the Israeli lobby

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Which group do you think will come out on top in DC?

National security issues aside, I have the sneaking suspicion the more the general public (on both the right and the left) learns about the power the Israeli lobby has long-held in Washington, and the sheer amount of unreciprocated foreign aid (in both money and material) the United States has provided, and continues to  provide, Israel for years, the stronger the public upswell against this aid will become. AIPAC has bitten off a lot more than it can chew in this age of online transparency and enraged message forwarding requiring no more than the flick of finger. This topic is no longer inside baseball played out in dark meeting rooms, it’s been pushed into the light by Bibi’s government and AIPAC.


  1. It just comes down to a simple choice. Do you support America’s long time ally, Israel or do you support the Muslim terrorists of Hamas and Fatah and the genocidal Muslim regime of Iran?

    Americans will choose Israel; the Liberals? So far their choice seems to be perfectly clear.

    That’s OK; it’s a free country. Just don’t be shocked when Americans treat you no better than Muslim scum you’ve chosen to side with instead of the country that, due to its freedoms, has continued to allow you to live within it.

    Comment by jonolan — March 17, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

    • I appreciate the comment, but completely disagree this is liberal/conservative issue, or even a pro-Muslim/anti-Israel issue.

      This issue is a major US ally no longer acting like an ally. When the CENTCOM commander is saying a nation’s actions are harming US interests in a region of the world, I certainly hope the White House takes notice.

      This issue is also about our ability to question and rebuke an otherwise strong ally in a dangerous area on the globe when its actions hurt our nation and our soldiers.

      On the power of the Israeli lobby in DC, I’m going to guess a wide range of political thought is going to have issues with its scope. I’d include some liberals (but absolutely not as a bloc), most libertarians (at least those who actually understand the meaning of the term), non-interventionist conservatives and the pro-military crowd that trusts in our field commanders. I’d even throw in the non-theocon Tea Partiers.

      Theocons will be pro-Israel over the interests of the US because that stance fits in with their “end times” worldview. There’s a reason why Sarah Palin wore an Israeli flag pin during her Nashville Tea Party speech.

      Comment by davidkirkpatrick — March 17, 2010 @ 3:01 pm

      • It’s more of an issue where Obama’s regime has turned against Israel from the moment he was installed in office.

        Why should Israel, fighting for its very survival, obey a POTUS who doesn’t treat them as an ally but instead as an enemy?

        It still comes down to whether you side with America’s ally, Israel, or with the Muslim Terrorist vermin that surround them.

        Comment by jonolan — March 23, 2010 @ 8:52 am

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