David Kirkpatrick

March 11, 2010

SculptCAD Rapid Artist — Heather Ezell

This post is the first in an ongoing series highlighting the artists behind the SculptCAD Rapid Artists Project. (Hit this link for all posts related to the project.)

Heather Ezell is a Dallas-based marble sculptor working out of an Oak Cliff studio and was asked to join the project by project founder and Rapid Artist Nancy Hairston. This project is Heather’s first hands-on experience with 3D/digital technology and tools.

How have these technologies changed the way you approach your process?

My process has been altered by the opportunities the technology offers. It’s given me a chance to think of new ways to create a piece that has an outcome I would not normally or so easily be able to manifest.

Are these digital tools having an effect on the work you are creating? Are the tools aiding/adding to/hindering the process?

The learning curve is, well, stimulating. However once I settled in I found it to be simply another medium. I found I was seeking that sweet spot in much the same way I do with an air hammer/chisel. And as with learning anything new it brings with it equal amounts of frustration and joy. The only negative is that one of the things I love about carving marble is physical freedom and working out doors.

What are your thoughts on the SculptCAD Rapid Artists Project?

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be on the ground floor exploration of the application of these technologies toward a work of art. I also have enjoyed meeting and working with the other participating artists. I’m excited to see the finished pieces all in one room and to get feedback from the people experiencing both the LA and Dallas shows.

Looking beyond the project, what do you have coming up in the near future art-wise? Do you have any shows planned or projects planned?

I am currently looking for new studio space to create a large piece which will take at least a year to complete. Stay tuned!

How can people interested in your work get in touch with you?

website~ http://ezellsculpture.com/
email~ heather@ezellsculpture.com
twitter~ twitter.com/ezellsculpture

Any final thoughts on the Rapid Artists Project?

Looking forward to the next one!

Here is Heather’s preliminary sketch for the project piece:

Technical Specs My piece will utilize metal with a shiny surface to illustrate “newness”. The size is approximately 24” x 16” x 20”.

Statement A “pile of leaves” representing the collection of new leaves turned over in a lifetime. Entitled “A New Leaf”, much like this new creative process/medium called FreeForm, it is a revolution within oneself; bringing to the light unseen sides of ourselves while turning attention away from worn paths. How many leaves have we gathered? One for every turn of the calendar? One for each shiny relationship? And no matter the form each is certainly more beautiful than the last. Were all in a pile would we prefer simply to run, jump and land with a giggle amidst our changes? And in doing so recalling the thrill and awe of the moment we first discovered ourselves; beautiful and ever changing.

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