David Kirkpatrick

February 23, 2010

Metal-free carbon nanotube production

Via KurzweilAI.net — I’ll just let the quoted bit below do all the explaining …

A Stellar, Metal-Free Way to Make Carbon Nanotubes
Physorg.com, Feb. 22, 2010

A new method of growing carbon nanotubes without requiring platinum or another metal as a catalyst has been developed by researchers at NASA‘s Goddard  Center.

The carbon nanotubes are produced when graphite dust particles are exposed to a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases.

The method was suggested by a 2008 discovery that the long, thin carbon structures known as graphite whiskers — essentially, bigger cousins of carbon nanotubes — were identified in three meteorites. Researchers suspect that it could have produced at least some of the simple carbon-based compounds in the early solar system.

The work also could help researchers understand puzzling observations about some supernovas.

Nanotubes grown on graphite (Yuki Kimura, Tohoku University)

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