David Kirkpatrick

February 23, 2010

Making moving more easy

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If you are a college student or young adult living in apartments, you may move fairly often. If you own your home — house, condo, townhome, loft or something else — you probably don’t move nearly as often, but relocations through moving to a new city for a new job, or just buying a new home in your current city do happen. No matter how often you move there is one common denominator — it is a hassle. You either start calling friends with trucks and vans and hope you can assemble a team big enough to get the job done quickly, or you start calling professional movers and begin the process of sorting out the varying price structure, bids for different levels of service and even doing your best to vet each company for reliability and work quality. If you happen to live in the New York City area and are looking for New York movers, you are in luck.

Two software engineers became frustrated with moving in Manhattan and created CityMove.com, a website that provides two key services for people needing to relocate. First the site is a forum for moving company customers to post about their experience good and bad. With this you can read about actual moving transactions from different companies and how positive — or negative — the experience was for the customer.

The major benefit of the site is it acts as a matchmaking service between moving companies and customers. When you need to move, sign in at the site and enter the details of your project then post the job to allow moving companies to bid on your relocation. Once you accept a bid and complete the move, head back to CityMove and leave a review on your experience for future moving customers. Best of all? CityMove is a free service for the moving customer.

This sounds like a service people in other cities would love to have access to. I know my last move entailed collecting bids from companies myself and then trying to sort through all the apples-to-oranges bid comparisons. CityMove would have made the process a whole lot easier.



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