David Kirkpatrick

December 11, 2009

Put a little music in your backyard …

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…. front porch, garden or anywhere you choose with the relaxing sounds of a wind chime. Don’t let the gardener provide the only tinkling sounds amongst the shrubbery … thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress and come back tomorrow for the Saturday brunch.

Wind chimes make great gifts for people on your holiday list who appreciate relaxing sounds created by a few simple materials and the wind, and even though the weather might not be too conducive for outdoor living, you are probably already planning your outdoor decorations and landscaping for the coming spring.

The perfect wind chime can add to your outdoor living experience by providing an aural reminder of nature’s forces, and wind chimes come many materials, sounds and looks. If you want musical tones the choice would be tuned aluminum chimes with bell-like melodies. If appearance and visual appeal is your goal, check out glass and capiz seashell wind chimes for a number of different looks. And if you want a more natural sound to fill your outdoor living space bamboo wind chimes are the way to go providing the deep sounds of falling rain and tropical drums.

Outdora offers a large variety of windchimes:

  • aluminum wind chimes tuned to specific tones and melodies
  • bamboo wind chimes with rich and deep natural tones
  • copper wind chimes designed to artfully age to an attractive patina
  • glass and capiz seashell wind chimes full of color and brilliance

And if you’d like more than a passive role with your outdoor aural experience, Outdora also has hanging gongs and old-school dinner bells. Hit any link in this post to see the entire selection and even listen to audio samples of the different chimes. You’ll find chimes from manufacturers including Music of the Spheres, Woodstock Percussion, Grace Notes and Corinthian Bells.


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