David Kirkpatrick

December 10, 2009

There’s one thing I’d like see during the health care reform debate

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And that thing is an unbiased as possible (I know, I know — that’s probably a pipe dream) breakdown on the business costs for the various plans. Health care reform is a huge and necessarily complicated topic taking into account entire large swaths of the current U.S. economy, and corporate health care benefits are front and center since most Americans currently get health insurance through their employer. So much so that health insurance actually stifles job mobility because some people are afraid to lose their current health benefits and the grandfathered in “preexisting conditions.”

Now the complex topic of heath care reform has become so much more so with the House and Senate muddying the waters through the sausage-making that is legislation. Right now the major national business organizations oppose both the House and the Senate health bills, but how do the bills actually break down and affect businesses of different sizes? I’ve read in many places where small business owners are looking forward to health care reform and see the issue along the lines of, “well, reform couldn’t be any worse than what we have right now.”

With all that in mind in mind, what I’d like to see is a clear auditing of both the House and Senate health care reform bills and how much each costs businesses of different size — size in number of employees and in annual revenue. I have a feeling health care reform would actually be an improvement for businesses that most anyone would consider small, but I don’t know and I’m too lazy (and probably incapable) of doing the policy wonkery number crunching to figure this out. Anyone out there game?

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