David Kirkpatrick

December 4, 2009

The ultimate glass-bottomed boat

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Or as the overly long header describes this vessel, ” … the world’s first ‘space station of the sea.'” At any rate this thing is just very cool.

Out of this world: This is what the SeaOrbiter will look like - its inventor wants it to be a space station of the sea

From the link:

When it does first set sail, there will be six crew members, six scientists and six more people on board – these may be astronauts training in extreme conditions or doctors studying submarine human behaviour.

The SeaOrbiter will drift silently across the ocean – navigation tools, communications equipment and a lookout deck will rise above the surface of the sea.

Under the water level, there will be a pressurised deck for divers to undertake daily missions over a period of months.

‘There will be a gym, because it’s very important to practise sport, entertainment with a video player above each bunk, and nice food. I’ll do the cooking myself and I’m a good cook,’ Mr Rougerie added.

The ship’s anti-collision system is based on the one used by the international space station.

Mr Rougerie is confident that the ship will be built. ‘A year ago, it was 50-50,’ he said. ‘Now I would say it’s 90 per cent certain.’

Obviously the concept here is focused on research, but I see a lot of promise in commercial opportunities with ocean tourism.

(Hat tip: Blogging the Singularity)


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