David Kirkpatrick

November 17, 2009

Incredible nanotech image — graphene

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I’ve done lots of blogging on the nanomaterial graphene, and here’s an incredible image of the atom-thick sheet of carbon:

A graphene sheet stretched across a gap in a semiconductor chip. Image: Kirill Bolotkin

And here’s a link to the PhysOrg article accompanying the image.

From the link:

Not only is this the thinnest material possible, but it also is 10 times stronger than steel and it conducts electricity better than any other known material at room temperature. These and graphene’s other exotic properties have attracted the interest of physicists, who want to study them, and nanotechnologists, who want to exploit them to make novel electrical and mechanical devices.

“There are two features that make graphene exceptional,” says Kirill Bolotin, who has just joined the Vanderbilt Department of Physics and Astronomy as an assistant professor. “First, its molecular structure is so resistant to defects that researchers have had to hand-make them to study what effects they have. Second, the electrons that carry  travel much faster and generally behave as if they have far less mass than they do in ordinary metals or superconductors.”


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