David Kirkpatrick

November 13, 2009

Immerse In The Future expo coming to LA and Second Life

Via KurzweilAI.net — I’ll just let this speak for itself …

KurzweilAI.net, Nov. 13, 2009

The latest in immersive media, 3D domes, neurofeedback art, virtual worlds and other cutting-edge media formats and their potential as tools for transformation will be explored at IMMERSE IN THE FUTURE: A VISIONARY EVENING OF ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY, Monday, November 16th in Los Angeles and in Second Life.

The event will include presentations by the LA Opera; Kathy Eldon, Founder of Creative Visions Foundation; John Raatz, Founder of GATE; Ed Lantz, Founder of IMERSA and Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, followed by an inspiring keynote by noted author and futurist, Jerome Glenn, the Director of the Millennium Project offering insights on the future of arts,media and entertainment and their effects on global culture.

Glenn will also announce a partnership with c3 to create an international group of futuristic artists and mediavisionaries, and institutions, to become the Global Arts and Media Node for the Millennium Project’s “State of the Future” report.

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