David Kirkpatrick

November 10, 2009

“2012” marketing fomenting irrational fear

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Via KurzweilAI.net — Just what mentally marginal need, another shove off the cliff via viral marketing and faked “scientific evidence.”

I’d say the reality challenged swing the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and other once science-based cable channels are doing plenty of damage on their own.

2012 Prophecies Sparking Real Fears, Suicide Warnings
National Geographic News, Nov. 9, 2009

Amid the hype — including a viral marketing campaign for 2012, the disaster movie opening Friday, with bogus scientific organizations, press releases, and 2012 whistle-blowers –some people are developing “end times” anxiety that has experts seriously concerned.

NASA‘s Nibiru and Doomsday 2012: Questions and Answersand 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won’t End? web pages seek to debunk stories about the fictionalplanet Nibiru and predictions of doomsday in December 2012.

Scenes from the motion picture “2012” (Columbia Pictures)


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