David Kirkpatrick

October 28, 2009

The Modiv Shopper

Interesting bit of customer relationship hardware. This takes the loyalty program concept and data mining possibilities to an entire new stratosphere. I do wonder how long customers will be willing to mess with haul a device around when they shop. There will have to be a very serious incentive to go through all the trouble. Certainly more than pre-scanning your items and getting a few instant coupons.

Modiv Media’s device has five basic parts/features: scanner, radio module, browser application, display and data mining.

If it catches on it ought to provide a trove of shopping data beyond just the loyalty info gathered at checkout — stuff like items scanned and later discarded, time spent shopping and much more. And it has the customer acting as their own checkout clerk. Of course if it doesn’t catch on it may become the latest CueCat.

From the first link:

Customers using the device, which works with the store card, can save time by scanning and bagging their own groceries as they shop. Meanwhile, it displays advertising and offers electronic coupons for instant savings, all chosen according to the customer’s purchasing history and location in the store. Introduced in July 2007, the Modiv Shopper is now used in 260 stores. The company says customers who use it spend $7 more per trip–and visit the store 10 percent more often–than they would otherwise. Modiv makes its money by licensing and developing its system for retailers and by collecting advertising revenue whenever an offer is displayed.

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