David Kirkpatrick

October 6, 2009

Extending new homebuyers tax credit and COBRA benefits?

Maybe so.

From the link:

The White House is weighing whether to support extending the expiring new homebuyer tax credit and COBRA insurance benefits as part of its review of ways to help the U.S. economy. Gibbs, at a White House press briefing on October 5, took pains not to label these measures as part of a second stimulus package, although he noted that the president’s key economic advisors continue to look at additional options to spur job growth.

Obama, in his weekly address on October 3, said he is working closely with his economic team “to explore additional options to promote job creation.” He repeated his promise to take whatever measures are possible to help job seekers find employment, to open capital and credit markets to businesses and to keep homeowners from losing their homes.

Gibbs said that the White House is working with Congress over legislation to extend unemployment insurance. The House passed the Unemployment Compensation Extension Bill of 2009 (HR 3548) in September and sent it to the Senate on September 22 (TAXDAY, 2009/09/24, C.3). Gibbs said he believes the Senate should be able to act on the bill without further delay, even while health care reform deliberations are in the spotlight. “I think the Senate can do both, and a lot more,” Gibbs stated.


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