David Kirkpatrick

August 21, 2009

Video to appear in print magazine next month

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Via KurzweilAI.net — This news caught me by complete suprise and fairly well blew me away. Just wow.

Video appears in paper magazines
BBC News, Aug. 20, 2009

The first video-in-print ads, using chips and thin screens around the size of mobile phone displays, will appear in select copies of Entertainment Weekly magazine in September and hold 40 minutes of video.

The first clips will be promos for CBS programs and Pepsi.

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  1. It is a first of sorts, and CBS, Pepsi and their agency have been getting their fair share of blogs and publications regurgitating their press releases, but saying this is “Video in Print” is like saying their boots are bisquits ’cause they put ’em in an oven.

    This more like a scratch & sniff musical greeting card stuffed in a magazine. It is a thin video playback device and battery bound INTO a magazine, but not video printed ON paper. Now THAT would be a breakthrough. Flexible printed organic polymer display technology required for video has been demonstrated by SONY and others, but this isn’t it…. Read More

    So far the best coverage of this has been an article in Slate titled “Back Adswards” http://su.pr/97Dl5W, and another in Printed Electronics http://su.pr/2k466k.

    Given the limited distribution that this geegaw is going to get, its e-waste impacts are not likely to be massive, but the issue looms ahead.

    Their primary goal appears to be generating “buzz.” It will be interesting to see how the value of the buzz translates into value created.

    Use of this technology in an ad may be the least significant way it could generate value. It could serve as an important component in a low cost “connected health” solution for HIV treament. Provided the e-waste issues were addresed, I can see how an inexpensive video playback device like this could be married with a printed electronic vital signs monitor/drug compliance system. See: http://su.pr/1UjDVC

    Comment by Don Carli — August 24, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

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