David Kirkpatrick

August 3, 2009

Arena Football League, RIP

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Looks like the Arena Football League is going belly-up and will declare bankruptcy. I’ve always liked the arenaball product. It was definitely a different animal than the NFL and the differences made it a very fun watch in terms of wild-ass offense and a quick pace.

Long ago I did some reporting on the AFL for the now defunct BootlegSports.com.

From the link:

The Arena Football League will soon announce that it is folding, multiple media outlets reported on Monday.

Arizona Rattlers owner Brett Bouchy said the league will also declare bankruptcy, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“It’s just unfortunate we’re in this situation,” Bouchy said, according to the newspaper. “Everyone knows myself and Arizona fought hard to avoid this day. The league was divided into two groups and factions. You had one group of committed owners who contributed capital and willing to do whatever it took to bring the league back in 2010 I have been in that group the entire time. Then there was another group that just wasn’t willing to make the investment. We could never get a consensus.”

Tampa Bay Storm owner Jim Borghesi posted a message on his Facebook page saying: “The AFL will be having a press conference to announce that the league will not be returning,” according to the Albany Times-Union.

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