David Kirkpatrick

August 2, 2009

Joe Queenan is an idiot

Queenan was funny at one point. Now, not so much.

His bizarre appearance on the July 31 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher was head-scratchingly inane. He came off like a dusty old fart, made nonesensical non sequiturs, injected off-topic points into actual interesting and enlightening discussions and displayed the body language of a crackhead after nineteen hours without a glass pipe in his mouth.

The crowning achievement of stupid was interrupting Michael Ware, an Australian journalist who’s been kidnapped three time while reporting the Middle East, while he was making a point, albeit drawnout, on the state of affairs in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the likelihood of actual talks between the US, those governments and the Taliban. During this cogent bit of analysis from someone with intimate knowledge of the region, Queenan saw fit to leap in with a defense of the rights of women in Afghanistan. What?

And that was the reaction from Maher and the rest of his panel. Uh Joe, I hope you find an appropriate treatment for whatever brand of idiocy that’s afflicted you.


  1. I saw the episode and know what you mean. But I just finished reading “Closing Time” today, his memoir. When I see what his childhood is like, I think it’s no wonder the guy is the way he is. He’s just contrary, is all. If you say “black”, he’s gonna say “white”. He bristles. And now I know why. I actually feel sorry for him.

    Comment by Ev — August 23, 2009 @ 10:57 am

  2. Joe Queenan is a smelly fart in a punchbowl full of turds that somehow makes it even worse (with apologies to turds, punchbowls, and farts)!

    Comment by KXB — June 10, 2010 @ 11:09 am

  3. as out of place in THAT cogent argument that joe queenan’s comment seemed to be, nonetheless salient was the point he was making–in the midst of the nonsense that is running amok in that area of the world and in which we are playing blind mans bluff amidst the I E Ds and the other explosive toys, he made the one point that for many screams: what are we gaining again in afghanistan;; where bombing is an UPgrade as robin williams put it. as charlie wilson et al saw it. aside from the vast minerals therein; what are we fighting for there;NOT bin laden. he is a footnote til his nextvideo or bomb. so, the reality is there is massive child rape in afghanistan with the forced marriage of enslaved young girls and sodmizing of young boys under that lovely title —this is not your neighborhood playground. genghis khan worried about these people. others have written about them. but the fate of its women is VERY REAL> so stop being trite what you care so little about — he said his piece in a national venue. when i think of the war, it is not just the girl on the NAT GEO cover but the thousands like her and i know: we really dont care cept as a passing whim. when its strategic assets are no longer viable, this bastion of liberty and human value will not care one jot for the women left behind again.

    Comment by danielle hamilton — July 15, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

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