David Kirkpatrick

May 1, 2009

Ed Crane on the GOP

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This is about as good an explanation on what happened to the GOP over the last ten years or so as you’ll find anywhere — Edward H. Crane, president of the Cato Institute, on Obama as a statist and where the Republican Party has gone wrong.

The only major factor he left out is Karl Rove’s horrible, and failed, plan for a “permanent GOP majority” (and what a joke that phrase sounds like only a few years later) that entailed pissing off 49.9% of the population and winning every race by the thinnest of margins.

It could be argued Rove’s plan unraveled when he lost control of the immigration debate and rogue party members ruined his Latino plan. It can also be argued (with better internals) that the GOP never had the Latino vote in a bloc as large as was advertised. As it turns out Bush 41 did better among the Hispanic vote than Bush 43, a rarely explored or aired fact.

Here’s Crane’s excellent analysis from the link:

Time for those conservatives serious about limited government to re-read Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative. Strategically, conservatives have made three major mistakes. The first was to follow the advice of supply-side guru (and big-government Democrat) Jude Wanniski and not talk about spending cuts, much less the proper role of government. Economic growth replaced individual liberty as the rallying cry of far too many GOPers. Second, the neocons — mostly statists themselves — should never have been accepted into the fold. All they give us is a war against a country that never attacked us and schemes for “national greatness” like going to Mars. Enough. Finally, conservatives should jettison the social agenda of gay marriage, flag burning, and school prayer, and focus instead on federalism. Politics is about man’s relationship to the state. That relationship, to be healthy, should be minimal

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