David Kirkpatrick

April 7, 2009

Texas education standards v. science

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A new front beyond the ID/creationist bullshit has broken out it seems. Now the age of the universe is under attack by theocratic fools. An embarrassment to this great state, and sadly affects kids across the U.S. since the Texas education system is so large most publishers cater to the Lone Star State with everyone else left using the same textbooks.

Sad and embarrassing and not without a big of danger in potentially producing uninformed young adults. That’s best left to the home-schoolers.

From the PhysOrg link:

Until now, matters of space have been very little addressed in terms of religion. After all, couldn’t God have created the universe well before putting humans on Earth? But it appears that by working from Earth outward, some are becoming concerned. If God created humans on Earth just a few millennia ago, then Earth can’t be 4.5 billion years old. And if Earth isn’t as old as all that, surely the universe isn’t, either. It’s an interesting train of logic. And one that could result in all we know about space science being brought under attack.

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