David Kirkpatrick

March 20, 2009

Tweeting styles

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This article outlines the 14 types of Twitter personalities. A fun — and really pretty insightful — read.

You can find on Twitter at http://twitter.com/davidkonline.

From the link — I think my tweets fall under this rubric even though I rarely do actual journalism these days:

The Journalist

There are live journalists tweeting their findings to the world. There are citizen journalists breaking the news happening in front of them. There are bloggers posting more than just their posts; they post their thoughts on other issues and websites as well.

The Journalist is the Twitter personality that is getting almost as much attention as the celebrities joining twitter. It is as a collective more than as individuals that they are turning Twitter into the place to find and share what is happening in the world as it’s happening.  Hundreds of stories have been written about the Twitter army being on the scene first at major events, tweeting pictures before camera crews at local television stations can find the keys to their van.

Tweeting Style:

Unlike traditional journalism, the rulebook is thrown out the window with Twitter Journalism. Time is everything – breaking news breaks fast on Twitter, opinions can go stale and must be concise, and links fall to obscurity if nobody with a lot of followers tweets or retweets it.  Twitter is changing the face of journalism more than any website in history.

(Hat tip: techhie via a retweet from zaibatsu)

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