David Kirkpatrick

March 14, 2009

Health insurance and entrepreneurship

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Not certain if I completely buy this concept, but I have to admit it’s very interesting and may well have merit. I’m of mixed-mind in terms of any version of “universal” health-care. The current system is not working. Insurance as an industry is not truly serving its customers and far too many people are without health insurance.

For the next few weeks I’m included in that number, and over my career as a freelancer I’ve rarely been covered. When I have been it’s been on the coattails of my spouse.

From the link:

Even younger startup owners who are relatively healthy and have insurance are just a half-step from disaster. The insurance industry is in the business of not paying claims whenever possible, after all, and health insurers are working hardest to find ways not to cover people who might get sick even as they deny as many claims as possible from people who’ve been paying premiums.

The day we have national health care is the day that we unleash a wave of entrepreneurship the likes of which we’ve never seen before. That’s one of the best reasons for moving toward such a system.

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