David Kirkpatrick

March 12, 2009

Pat Ruffini is stupid

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Stumbling upon GOP stupidity right now is akin to shooting fish in a barrel, but I’m just sick of it all. Sick of the stupidity and very sick of being given such easy blog material by the loudest voices on the right on a daily basis.

This passes for right wing punditry  at the moment? I’ve blogged on the topic quite a bit, but every day I become more convinced the GOP may actually be slowly dying.

From the link:

The larger and more influential Rush’s audience, the more mobilized the base will be against Obama. This has nothing to do with Rush exerting policy leadership over the GOP — and everything to do with Rush as a popularizer of conservative principles and a rallying point for opposition. The best reaction to the Limbaugh “controversy” is for GOP politicians to avoid it entirely — while Rush’s audience grows and grows.

Er, Pat — the point isn’t the size of Rush’s (overinflated) audience. It’s the message and who it resonates with. Right now it resonates with out-of-touch cranks who are almost exclusively old, white and male and impervious to logic and reality. The Rush brouhaha is hurting the GOP, not helping. Anyone who doesn’t get this basic fact is either dissembling or is just stupid. (See the header for my opinion on this matter.)

I’d of never guessed I’d witness the death of a political party in my lifetime given how ossified the current landscape has been for decades, but it is actually happening right now. The Republican Party has no leadership and its base is somewhere south of 25 percent of the voting public. The three-legged stool is gone — not just broken, but gone — and whatever was left of the “big tent” has long been abandoned and used for toilet paper by the hobos who last used it for shelter.

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