David Kirkpatrick

March 7, 2009

One conservative take on the abortion issue

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Here’s a well-reasoned take on the issue of abortion by John Derbyshire at Secular Right. Pragmatic and realistic, not two words that can often be applied to the arguments of the right or left.

From the link:

And what do the right-to-lifers want? A total nationwide ban on all abortions, at any time? Yes, that seems to be what they want. Do they really imagine that’s going to happen? What a waste of political energy!

My reader is correct, though. If you’re not in lockstep with the right-to-lifers, you’re never really quite the thing in U.S. conservative circles. It’s a marker of acceptability. I was phone-in guest on a radio show recently. Waiting for the on-air, some glitch allowed me to overhear the two hosts talking behind the commercial break. “Funny sort of conservative,” said one. “I mean, he’s OK with abortion …?” Yep, I’m OK with it. Sorry, guy.

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