David Kirkpatrick

March 5, 2009

What makes Gen Y tick?

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Here’s one take, at least from the business perspective.

From the link:

The other day an invitation landed on my desk from a local recruiting firm. It was for a panel discussion on how to recruit and retain the diverse and ambitious Generation Y.

I own a software firm where most of my employees fall into Gen Y (born between 1977 and 1994). They are indeed a dynamic bunch: creative, loyal, intelligent and highly motivated.

For Gen Y, studies indicate their top wish list includes:

  • Work/life balance
  • To be heard and valued
  • Regular recognition
  • Work in a fun atmosphere
  • Motivated by challenge and a collaborative environment

During the audience participation of the panel discussion, it occurred to me that Gen Y was getting a bad rap based on an inflated expectation of salaries and career advancement. In hard economic times, Gen Y might be about to get a wakeup call. Salaries are not what they were a year ago, and advancement to the executive team in less than two years just isn’t going to happen. But there are ways to leverage this talent and get a lot of ROI.

My company lives by the KISS principle, as does our intranet software. I like simplicity and use it in just about every aspect of my business. The same holds true for motivating the young generation. As it turns out, it can be pretty simple.

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  1. Being a Gen Y’er I actually agree with the wish list you have there.

    I have sacrificed salary for other items on the list.

    And a way to keep us motivated would be title bumps or other forms of recognition. We are sympathetic to the economy as it is hitting our generation hard; let us know that we are succeeding and we’ll stick around.

    Comment by ThatGuySteve — March 5, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

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