David Kirkpatrick

February 26, 2009

Tweeting CPAC

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Here’s a collection of Twitter tweets with the #cpac09 hashtag. I’m guessing many are coming from the wankfest that is CPAC 2009.

If you want to follow this yourself just head to Twitter and do a search for the #cpac09hash (or just hit the convenient link I provided).

And now, the tweets:

Shoq: LOL 11 people show at Borders for Joe The Plumber book signing. 5 copies sold at #cpac09. See? Conservatives DO know piffle!

MattFriedeman: The 2% illusion…take all they’ve got and it still won’t be enough! (WSJ) http://tinyurl.com/bv7xjo (expand) #tcot #cpac09

MartyEisenstadt: Katherine Harris minus Overdone Makeup equals Michelle Bachmann. No? #cpac09

jmp5329: Us making fun of Joe the Plumber, no matter if you like him or not, is as bad as Chris Matthews making fun of Jindal #cpac09

CoraleneLayer: So nice to pray with a whole room and not need to be in church. #Cpac09

Pal2Pal: @jmp5329 Making fun of Joe or Sarah is elitists admitting they have no answers for common sense & are afraid the people are right. #cpac09

I’ll update this list a bit later.

Update 7:30 — Upon reflection, to Pal2Pal above, I must an elitist with no answers for common sense. Because we all know both Palin and (not)Joe the fool are paragons of all sorts of sense.

More tweets:

lenejohansen: Still think Palin was the freshest breath of the four that battled it out Nov 4th, no matter what issues we disagre on. #tcot #cpac09

dmataconis: wonders why the guy who questioned Obama’s citizenship wasn’t booed off the stage at #cpac09

ultimatejosh: White Nationalist group “Youth for Western Civilization” allowed at #CPAC09 http://tinyurl.com/aatlmx (expand) #tcot

Tuck23: Blog updated http://arob.tumblr.com pullin no punches…UN has it coming going after free speech #politics #cpac09 #tcot

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