David Kirkpatrick

February 12, 2009

Twelve job searching tips …

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… from CIO.com.

The job market is tough right now. There’s a financial crisis and unemployment is high and rising. This means going beyond the usual steps when looking for work.

Here’s an infomative article from Mark Cummuta at CIO.com with twelve secrets for job hunting in a recession.

From the link:

I’ve previously summarized the key secrets I use in my own job search in an article I wrote last year, 10 Secrets for Searching for a Job During A Recession. This article has been seeing a significant increase in traffic lately, and I would imagine that is because more and more people are being impacted by the continued downward spiral of our global economy.

Since writing that article, I have made two more observations about the job market – making that “12 Secrets” now – and have adjusted my own job search strategies to improve my odds.  Specifically, I have increased my “time-to-delivery requirements” (how fast I respond to an opportunity), and I have expanded my marketing efforts.


11. Improve your time-to-delivery.

Job opportunities have been pulled off the market for many reasons over the past year. My personal experience shows that when faced with making the final decision on even their ideal candidate, most employers have not been willing to pull the hiring trigger.

But the market has shifted in 2009. Now, I am amazed not by how many jobs are being pulled off the market, but rather how quickly they are disappearing once posted. For the past several weeks hiring firms are posting positions again and are willing to make a hiring decision again. However, they have so many candidates available, and so many applicants applying, that opportunities disappear before I even get a chance to apply. I’ve spoken with recruiters who have apologized that a position was still online, even a mere 48 hours after posting, and that they were not taking any more resumes.


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    In order achieve success in their job search, job seekers must target a wide range of Job sites and use all the available resources. Yes, its time consuming. However, dedicating the time and energy will pay off with more and better job leads, more interviews and more job offers!

    Comment by raju — February 14, 2009 @ 12:46 am

  2. David,

    Thank you for covering my article!

    The point you hightlighted from this article, that the speed to getting yourself in front of hiring managers before they strt making decisions has dramatically decreased. The simple fact is that they are being inundated with resumes! So being one of the very first resumes in front of a hiring manager is becoming more critical than just being the best, because if you submit after their arbitrary cutoff for resumes, then being the best will be irrelevant!

    As I’ve written about my own job search efforts for full-time and consulting work, I’ve spent a great deal of time researching the job market and speaking with experts in the field (eg, executive recruiters, career coaches, professional resume writers, hiring managers, etc). I not only try to immediately apply what I learn to my own efforts, but then share these lessons and my personal results so that others can hopefully benefit, as well!

    So thank you for sharing this article with your readers, and I hope that my experiences can help them to find meaningful work faster.

    Mark Cummuta

    Comment by Mark Cummuta — February 28, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

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