David Kirkpatrick

February 5, 2009

Latest Volvo safety tech

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I love Volvos. I drove a mid-80s 240 sedan for years and still would if they continued making that body style. And I always loved the safety features, rudimentary as they were back then.

Here’s the latest — automatic braking at low speeds. The only question I have is — when you suddenly brake and the driver behind you doesn’t have this tech, aren’t they going to rear end your car? Just moving the accident one car down the food chain. I guess it does leave them at fault.

From the link:

Volvo City Safety: Minimizing Rear-End Collisions

Ever feel like your attention wanders in heavy city traffic? Volvo City Safety is aiming to make up for that. It’s a new system designed to prevent or minimize rear-end collisions in stop-and-go situations. Active at speeds up to 18 mph and standard in the Volvo XC60, City Safety uses an optical laser to continuously monitor traffic, and will recognize sudden braking by the vehicle in front of you. If you don’t react and are about to drive into the car in front of you, the system will automatically trigger an emergency stop. Volvo is also working on systems to protect pedestrians.

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Image credit: Volvo

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