David Kirkpatrick

January 31, 2009

Third Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

Had this release come across the inbox today and thought some readers might find it interesting.

The release:

Brigadier General Shihab Ali, Al-Hurriya Air Force Base
Commander will give a keynote presentation at the 3rd
annual Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit. The 3rd IADS will
take place on April 1-2, 2009 in Washington, DC.

Washington, DC–January 19, 2009–IADS Officials confirmed
today that Al-Hurya AFB Commander Brig. General Shihab Ali
will speak to conference attendees beginning at 11:00 am on
Wednesday, April 1-2, 2009 and will answer their questions
afterward. Brig. General Ali will also be available for
One-on-One meetings throughout the 2-day event.
Other recently added featured speakers include Al-Basrah
Int’l Airport Director Abdulameer Abdullah, Baghdad Int’l
Airport Board Chairman Thair Phatohe.

Brig.General Shihab Ali is serving as the commander of
IqAF’s Al Hurriya Air Base. Al Hurriya AFB is home to the
largest IqAF academy. As a senior IqAF officer, Brig.
General Ali possesses a comprehensive understanding of
the IqAF affairs.  He will share his first-hand knowledge
and understanding of the most pressing issues and
present an overview of the current and future challenges
and threats facing the IqAF.

In addition to featuring speakers from Iraqi Air Force,
Iraqi Army, Iraqi Navy and Security Forces; the 3rd Iraq
Aviation & Defense Summit will also be featuring addresses
from key experts whom have served as advisors in the
Multi-National Security Transition Command (MNSTC-I),
whom were responsible for developing, organizing, training,
equipping, and sustaining the Iraqi Security Ministries
(Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Interior (MoI))
and their associated Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) i.e.
the military of Iraq and the Iraqi Police.

The third-annual 2009 IADS will welcome respected experts
covering a wide range of subjects. Agenda topics include
giving first-hand insight on the following important

_ Coalition Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT),
   which organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Army;

_ Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT),
   which organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Police;

_Coalition Army Advisory Training Team (CAATT),
  responsible for building the Iraqi Army;

_Coalition Air Force Transition Team (CAFTT),
  responsible for building the Iraqi Air Force;

_Maritime Strategic Transition Team (MaSTT),
  responsible for supporting the Iraqi Navy, Marines
  and Coast Guard;

_Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT),
  building the various Iraqi police agencies;

_Intelligence Transition Team (ITT),
  responsible for building the military and police
  information organizations;

_Iraqi National Counter-Terrorism Task Force (INCTF),
  assisting  Iraqi special operations;

_Security Assistance Office (SAO),
  assisting the purchase of equipment and overseas training;

_Joint Headquarters Assistance Team (JHQ-AT),
  responsible for advising the Iraqi Joint Headquarters;

_Ministry of Defense Transition Team (MOD-TT),
  responsible for advising the MoD staff;

_Ministry of Interior Transition Team (MOI-TT),
  responsible for advising the MoI staff.

With hundreds of companies expected to attend the
two-day event, the expanded agenda will cover a range
of topics related to the Iraqi aviation, security & defense
challenges. IADS Chair, Samir Farajallah, hopes this will
give greater context to the other parts of the conference
program which will focus on security issues, contracting
and subcontracting opportunities, funding,
project management, international cooperation,
and cultural training.

About IADS
In its third year, IADS, the Iraq Aviation and Defense
Conference & Exposition, is the world’s largest and most
respected event focused on Iraq’s Aviation, Security and
Defense challenges and opportunities. IADS is the only
event where you hear from those who are responsible for
shaping the future of aviation, security and military
requirements in Iraq. For three consecutive years IADS has
featured senior Iraqi Ranking Military Officers,
Policy Makers & Government Decision Makers.

The IADS Exposition
The 3rd Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit and Expo will
provide Exhibitors the opportunity to network and to
have direct access to senior ranking military officers from
Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, Iraqi law enforcement agencies
and governments’ decision makers.

About New-Fields
Founded in 1994, New Fields today is a leading information
provider and conference/trade-shows organizer on defense,
homeland security to governments, defense and law
enforcement agencies, industries and academia
around the world.

Industry Speaking Opportunities, Sponsorship and Exhibition

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