David Kirkpatrick

January 3, 2009

Clinton wins “Bumbler of the Year”

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A new “award” from the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Brown. Here’s how he describes the awarding process — “To win, someone has to suffer from a massive self-inflicted wound that by its nature would be a product of ego.”

From the link:

In this period of “Obamamania,” it is easy to forget that a year ago, the president-elect was a long shot for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sen. Clinton was a huge favorite to win both the nomination and the November election.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” whose humor generally works well because it reflects the popular view, referred to her in its skits as the “inevitable” next president.

How she lost the nomination and her shot at becoming the nation’s first female president will go down in political history as one of the great campaign screw-ups of all time.

To be fair, President-elect Obama’s campaign was extremely well-run and better funded than anyone could have possibly imagined. He smartly saw that the caucus states offered him a special opportunity for convention delegates that did not exist in the primaries where Sen. Clinton’s name recognition and support of the party establishment was a much bigger plus.

But if the Clinton campaign had done sufficient planning and staffing for the states that voted in the three weeks after the Feb. 5 “Super Duper Tuesday” primaries and caucuses, all of his work probably would have gone for naught.

The Clinton strategy had been to clinch the nomination on Feb. 5, when 22 states held Democratic primaries and caucuses. And that day, like most of the other Tuesdays during the winter and spring, they basically wrote off the caucus states.

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