David Kirkpatrick

December 26, 2008

Cut your IT costs

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Times are tough all around, be it for the home power IT consumer or for corporate IT departments.

Here’s four tips on lowering your IT costs— in essential ways according to the article’s title, no less — from CIO.com.

From the link, tip number one:

1. Use open-source and free software: When you’re trying to keep your business afloat, plunking down lots of cash for off-the-shelf software can really hurt. Thankfully, freeware and low-cost software can be a pleasant surprise in terms of robustness and functionality. While not as polished as Microsoft’s Office suite (but not as much of a memory or resource hog), OpenOffice.org  is a free, open-source alternative with a full suite of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases that are compatible with Microsoft Office formats. Google Docs (docs.google. com) is another viable and free alternative to Office. It’s Webbased,  meaning you have no software to download or install.

Though it isn’t nearly as full-featured as either Office or OpenOffice, the basic functionality and streamlined interface of Google Docs may be all you’ll ever need. Creating PDF files may be crucial for business, but spending $450 on Adobe’s Acrobat Professional is not. CutePDF  is a free program that simply exports files to PDF. Just download and install it; from the target file, choose File•Print, and select CutePDF from the printer menu. (If you’re using OpenOffice or Google Docs, you won’t even need to install CutePDF— both let you export to PDF directly.)

I’ll have to admit I’ve messed around with OpenOffice and came away not wildly impressed. It is decent, though, and it is also free. I’ve downloaded CutePDF for a trial run, but not installed the software just yet. I’ll post a review if it knocks my socks off once I get around to the installation.

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