David Kirkpatrick

December 18, 2008

Sci-fi authors on predicting technology

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CIO.com has a cool story on science fiction authors and predicting the future of technology.  A fun read if like science fiction, the latest and greatest in tech, or just enjoy speculating about the future.

From the link:

CIO invited noted science fiction authors Larry Niven, Robert Sawyer, Nancy Kress and Charles Stross to share their thoughts on technology-related predictions, including lessons learned in the “business” of imagining what the future might be like. Here’s what they had to say (via e-mail).

And here’s a bonus fun sidebar from the link:

Accurate Predictions
Even When They Weren’t Trying
Getting to the moon by shooting a manned capsule out of a way big cannon—Jules Verne, From The Earth To The Moon.
Getting to the moon courtesy of an anti-gravity metal—H.G. Wells, The First Men In The Mooncourtesy of Cavorite, an anti-gravity metal.
Automatically controlled sliding doors (and dozens of other things)—Hugo Gernsback. The telecommunications satellite— the late Arthur C. Clarke. Tele-operated robotic hands, and waterbeds—Robert Heinlein.
…and even more Predictions From Science Fiction.

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