David Kirkpatrick

December 18, 2008

Chrysler stops all production

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Hot on the heels of GM’s decision to “temporarily” shut down 20 plants, Chrysler announces a similar plan. Of course not to be outdone by GM, the automaker is going to stop all production for at least an entire month starting this week.

If these Puny Two are playing chicken with legislators who have yet to vote in an auto industry bailout package, I’d say that game might be deadly. Congress wants to bail the auto makers out, but the public is sick of this corporate socialism. The votes may just not be there because incumbents fear retaliation at the ballot box for a “yea” bailout vote.

From the link:

Chrysler is the third of the Big Three automakers to suspend operations for January. Last week, General Motors announced it was idling 30% of its North American manufacturing capacity during the first quarter of 2009 in response to deteriorating market conditions. That move will take 250,000 vehicles out of production. On Wednesday, a Ford spokeswoman confirmed for CNN that the automaker is adding a week to its normal two-week seasonal shutdown at a number of its plants.

Chrysler would not say how many fewer vehicles would be produced because of this shutdown. A total of 46,000 employees will be affected. They will be paid during the time off through a combination of state unemployment benefits and Chrysler contributions, but they will not receive the full amount of their working pay, a Chrysler spokesman said.

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