David Kirkpatrick

December 11, 2008

Markos looks at some Palin popularity numbers …

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… and finds a lot to like.

First the stats:

The most popular Republican we tested is Condi Rice, whose fav/unfav 47%-18%. But among Republicans only, the most popular is Palin — with a whopping 73%-13% rating. But Palin’s overall score is a net negative, 35%-45%, which means she fares poorly among Democrats and independents.

And now the reaction from the Daily Kos founder:

  1. Those Palin numbers are as hilarious as she is. Republicans worship her, the rest of us (including our independent friends) think she is an embarrassment to humanity. It’s a win-win! They’re happy with Palin, and we’re happy that she continues to repulse independents, thus making them unelectable.
  1. Those Palin numbers illustrate, better than anything else, just how far rank-and-file Republicans have strayed from mainstream America. They’ve literally relegated themselves to fringe status

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