David Kirkpatrick

December 11, 2008

A note on police brutality

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I’ve been enjoying the new blog, The Unreligious Right, quite a bit since it started last month. All this diversity in thought on the right is cool to see after what seemed like years of top-down hegemony by dictat. And anything that serves to marginalize the theocratic wing of the GOP warms my heart.

This post today really caught my eye.

Here’s the set up:

Vicious Case of Police Brutality

The New York Times reports that three NYC police officers have been charged in conjunction with a case in which one officer:

took his retractable baton and “shoved it” up Mr. Mineo’s anus, Mr. Hynes said, and that “resulted in an anal rectal tear.”

And here’s the kicker:

The officer who actually carried out the assault faces up to twenty-five years in jail.  If convicted he should get the maximum.  The police are given greater power & responsibility than other citizens; if they abuse it they should also receive greater punishment.

I couldn’t agree more, and couldn’t put it any better either. Police are given a great trust to accompany that power and when that trust is breached the consequences ought to be dire.

This comes from a great supporter of our law enforcement. I have a close relative who died on duty several years ago and a great uncle who served as chief-of-police for a west Texas town many years ago. I appreciate the sacrifices made by our law enforcement, but at the same time I hope everyone (both civilian and cop) remembers the concept of  protecting and serving, rather than seeing a cold line between pigs and scrots

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